Case Study Change Management


The Customer tracks their Requests for Change in Jira. They have implemented SRM Processes and CMDB in USU Service Management (USM). They also already have working Change Management in USM. Having that, they decided that the Requests for Change from Jira should be sent for processing into USM. The processes in both systems should be synchronized.


  1. Synchronization of selected fields (Standard and Custom) between Jira Issues and USM Tickets
  2. Synchronization of Issue Status and Ticket Status
  3. Regular automatic synchronization of Master Data (USM -> Jira): Systems, Model Tickets
  4. Synchronization of Comments and Ticket descriptions
  5. Synchronization of Attachments
  6. The USM Model Ticket and affected systems are selected in Jira during the Issue Creation


For the implementation of the interface the customer decided to use our USU Service Management Connector for Jira. It consists of two parts:

  1. Plugin for Jira Server
  2. Preconfigured Package for USM (Configuration of Generic Interface and Custom Workflows)

The Jira Plugin was configured with 2 interfaces to USM. One for the synchronization of Issue-Ticket and the second one for the master data (Systems and Model Tickets). The synchronization of the master data was scheduled using Script Runner Jobs.

On the USM site the Generic Interface actions have been modified to meet the customer’s requirements. The calling of the interface actions was integrated into the USM Processes.