AI SnapRead for Jira
Let AI SnapRead for Jira handle your screenshots and images, freeing you from manual retyping
Smart Labels for Confluence
Automatically creates labels for your Confluence pages using open AI

Make your Confluence better organized with Smart Labels for Confluence App and make your work more efficient
USU Service Management Connector for Jira
Integration between USU Service Management (Valuemation) and Jira, synchronize Jira Issues with USU Tickets.

Dynamic Mapping, Event-driven synchronization, Links to USU Ticket and back to Jira SEE MORE
Software development
We build tailored applications right according your

Technologies: USU Valuemation, USU Orchestra,
Atlassian (Jira, Confluence, etc.), Python, Java,



Our consulting team stands prepared to support you across a range of services:

Providing advice with business processes such as Incident Management, CMDB, HR, Change Management and more.

Conceptualizing and establishing interfaces.

Evaluation of 3rd party tools (e.g. from Atlassian Marketplace)

Administration and customization of Jira and Confluence both On Premise and Cloud

Offering scripting solutions for Jira and Confluence, including Groovy, Scriptrunner, SQL and ohters

Transitioning from on-site infrastructure to the cloud

Incorporating OpenAI into your systems


We are ready to implement comprehensive solutions tailored to your requirements, utilizing an array of technologies and platforms such as:

Atlassian Jira and Confluence

USU Service Manegement



Atlassian Forge

Atlassian Connect


Azure OpenAI



Harness the power of Jira and Confluence with our expert IT training.

Our experienced consultants deliver tailored courses to administrators and end-users, covering everything from advanced configurations to everyday task management. 

Through hands-on learning, we aim to empower your team to enhance efficiency and teamwork. Elevate your operational productivity with our bespoke, practical training sessions.

Technologies and platforms

USU Service Management (Valuemation)
USU Orchestra
Atlassian Jira (Cloud, Data Center)
Atlassian Confluence
Python, Java, JavaScript
BPMN, Web Services, Integrations


USU Service Management Connector for Jira

Integration between USU Service Management (Valuemation) and Jira. Synchronization of Jira Issues and USU Tickets.

Dynamic Mapping

The definition of the Field mappings and Events are configurable on both sides Jira and USU.


Automatic Event-driven synchronization.
JQL Conditions could be used to limit the Events e. g. only for specific Issue Types.

Links to USU Ticket and
back to Jira

The synchronized Issues und USU Tickets
have links to access their counterparts.

More details

Synchronize Jira Issues with USU Tickets in both directions

The synchronization can be event-driven (e.g. when an Issue is created) or manual (by clicking on the button Sync with USU).

The Field mapping is dynamically configurable. You can change the default mapping and extend it with your custom fields.
The events can be extended by a JQL Condition. It is useful when you want to synchronize only some Issues (e.g. with specific Issue Type).
The default configuration covers Issues, Comments and Attachments.
The Connector contains Logging which is available directly via the Jira GUI.
The Connector has two parts: the Jira Plugin and Customization for USU Service Management. The USU Part will be provided by Sykora IT.
You can start with the out of the box configuration, but we highly recommend getting in touch with us to find the best solution for your environment.
With the synchronization you will save time and money by avoiding duplicate inserting of the same data in Jira and USU.

USU Knowledge Center Connector for Jira

Integration between Jira and USU Knowledge Center.

More details

Search for Knowledge Center Documents directly from Jira.
Links from Jira Issues to Knowldege Center Documents.
Create Knowledge Center Documents directly from a Jira Issue.
Fast and easy configuration.


See the Product page for more information.

Smart Labels for Confluence

Automatically creates labels for your Confluence pages using open AI.


Automatic creation of labels for Confluence pages

The app automatically creates proper labels for you Confluence pages when they are published.

Add appropriate labels to existing pages

You can add suitable labels to your existing pages using a button. The generated labels can be removed or extened manually if needed.

Space settings


You can configure on space or page level whether you want to let the app create labels automatically or not.

More details

Labels can be automatically created for new pages.

You can manually create Smart Labels for existing pages.

You can configure on various levels (Space, Parent Page), where you want the Smart Labels to be generated automatically and where not

Proper labels make searching in your Confluence much more efficient.

You will save time as the labels will be created by the App automatically.

You can still manually remove or add labels on every page.

AI SnapRead for Jira

Let AI SnapRead for Jira handle your screenshots and images, freeing you from manual retyping

Productivity Unleashed with AI OCR

Click on your attachment to extract text from images effortlessly

Capture, Attach, Convert

AI SnapRead content can be manually edited and modified as you need

Azure's Magic, Our Innovation

AI SnapRead showcases the magic of Azure AI Vision in transforming images into text

More details

Fueled by Azure AI Vision: Experience the next level of image-to-text transformation with AI SnapRead.

Extracts text from image attachments in issues.

AI OCR based on Azure Computer Vision.

With a simple click, AI SnapRead swiftly extracts text from attachments, unveiling their contents with the help of advanced AI techniques.

With more than 160 languages in mind, there should be no problem doing the magic including text lines with mixed languages.




- Jira
- Confluence Cloud, Data Center
- Groovy Scripts
- BPMN 2.0: pro návrh a implementaci procesů
- Git
- English
- German
Apply at
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- Java, Node.js (JavaScript)
- React
- Jira, Confluence
- Groovy Scripts
- English
- German
Apply at
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