Smart Labels for Confluence

Automatically creates labels for your Confluence pages using open AI.


Automatic creation of labels for Confluence pages

The app automatically creates proper labels for you Confluence pages when they are published.

Add appropriate labels to existing pages

You can add suitable labels to your existing pages using a button. The generated labels can be removed or extened manually if needed.

Space settings


You can configure on space or page level whether you want to let the app create labels automatically or not.

More details

Labels can be automatically created for new pages.

You can manually create Smart Labels for existing pages.

You can configure on various levels (Space, Parent Page), where you want the Smart Labels to be generated automatically and where not

Proper labels make searching in your Confluence much more efficient.

You will save time as the labels will be created by the App automatically.

You can still manually remove or add labels on every page.


See the Product page for more information.

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